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Creamy Tomato Soup

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Perfect comfort meal for a chilly day!




10-12 Small to Medium Tomatoes

1/2 a Red Onion

1 Head of Garlic

~1/4 cup Olive Oil

Salt & Pepper

3 Sprigs Thyme

2 Sprigs Rosmary

1 tsp Italian Herbs

.5 tbsp Sugar

1/2 cup Half & Half

~ 1 cup Chicken Broth (can add more if you want thinner soup)

1 tsp Chili Powder


1) Chop smaller tomatoes in half or quarter the larger ones. Cut your half onion in thick strips and cut off the top of your head of garlic

2) Place your tomatoes, onion, garlic, rosemary and thyme in an oven safe dish and add olive oil

3) Sprinkle on salt, pepper, herbs and mix together

4) Bake @ 400 for 40-45 mins until vegetables are roasted

5) Remove from oven and carefully squeeze out garlic from the shell. I used a fork for this.

6) Transfer roasted veggies into a blender and mix until smooth

7) Add basil, cream, chicken stock, sugar, additional salt and pepper to taste. I added some chili power to give it an extra kick!

8) Blend once more until thoroughly combined then transfer to a pot and heat over medium-high until the soup becomes hot. Serve and top with more basil & cheese. Enjoy!



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