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Spicy Tuna Crispy Rice

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

One of my favorite takes on homemade sushi



Ingredients for Tuna:

.5lb Sashimi Grade Ahi Tuna

1/3 cup Mayo

~1/4 cup Sriracha (more or less depending on how spicy you would like your tuna)

2 tsp Soy Sauce

1 Green Onion

Ingredients for Rice:

1 cup sushi rice

2 tbsp Sugar

1/3 cup Rice Vinegar

Instructions for Rice:

Make Sushi Rice as directed. Once rice has cooked add your sugar and vinegar and form rice into squares by hand or using a mold as shown in the above video. Put rice in the fridge or freezer to cool. After heating oil in a non-stick pan, fry the rice until golden brown on each side.

Instructions for Tuna:

Cut up Tuna into small cubes and chop green onions. Mix together Tuna with the Mayo, Sriracha, Sugar and Soy Sauce and Green Onions. Put Tuna Mixture on top of rice



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